01 November 2010

Research Project: Ideas for final photos...

So, while I have been trying to decide on how I am going to photograph, portray and demonstrate this issue, I have been looking at other people's work (ie. Vee Spears plus other artists) and seeing what they have been doing and how they have been presenting their work.

One amateur series I found was the work by Mollie Ruskin. Her project is called "We Might As Well Be Made of Plastic", which pretty much sums up her purpose of it too.  Her work is a form of appropriation, so it ties in nicely with my older posts on the topic.  Some of the images from the project, sourced from her Flickr account, can be seen below:

After looking at all of these artists and their ideas, I have also thought of some of my own ways in which I can photograph this issue.

One idea I had was to get famous (or not so famous) magazine covers and put in a 'real' and unedited image of someone else.  This would hopefully demonstrate the falseness of the images depicted and seen in today's society, which is a point I am hoping to make through this major project.

Another idea was to do a before and after type shot, where half of the subject is edited to look 'perfect' while the other is left untouched.  Hopefully this would demonstrate a stark contrast and an eye opening of what is possible and how far Photoshop has allowed us to go with digital editing.

I'll keep you updated! :)