17 November 2010

Research Project: Evaluation

Looking back on my project from this session, if given the chance, I would have changed some things that I did within my project.  For example, although I am happy with the subject choice that I made, after editing and seeing the final product, my way of depicting this issue was not the way I originally wanted to do it.  Although I like the subtly in my editing, I would have preferred to have a series of images with a bit more of a 'bang' to them, something that would really get the message across to the viewer and the public.  If I had more time, I also have worked longer and slower on my images so that they were the best that they could have been.

However, in saying this, I am still happy with the end result of my project.  It was a very hard thing to come up with, analyse and demonstrate a contemporary issue, as they are exactly that, contemporary and current relevant issues.  

Overall, I am pretty happy with the work I have done. I know that I have completed better work in the past, but I still am satisfied with what I achieved.

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