28 October 2010

Research Project: Vee Speers


Vee Speers lives and works in Paris, ... Vee Speers was born in Australia and studied at Queensland College of Art. Her work has been widely exhibited and has been seen in publications including The Sunday Times, ... and Black and White Magazine. ... Vee Speers's The Birthday Party, is a collection of portraits of children inspired by her daughter's birthday party. Having observed children playing at being adults, Speers imagined what characters they would create if they pushed their role-playing to imaginative extremes. In these photographs she has stripped away the idealistic stereotypes of childhood, capturing them happy to experiment with imperfection and embrace the grotesque.
(Edited extract from: Artist's website)

Bordello: the art of seduction

"Speers, an Australian fine-art photographer who has lived near the infamous Rue St. Denis red-light district in Paris for 14 years, has created edgy photos that play with seduction, sensuality and femininity."

The Birthday Party

"Imagine you are 8 or 9 or 10 years old. You are invited to a birthday party, a costume party, and encouraged to dress up as a creature of your own wild imagination. How would you imagine your alter ego at age 10?  Some of the innocent ones dress as princesses, dancers, spacemen, or angels — sublime and stunning. Some boys choose the macho images of soldiers or gladiators. Other young party-goers seem more in touch with their dark sides, ..."


"Immortal, plays to ... age-old sensibilities and timeless longings while riffing on the very contemporary convergence of similar ideas, ideals, and forms that have invaded our consciousness in our media-driven, technology-rich consumer cultures.  At once alluring and disquieting, these portraits of naked beautiful youths are set against backdrops of Eden-like natural beauty, or scenes of post-apocalyptic destruction. These Immortals are real people, young and beautiful, but they seem isolated, exposed and vulnerable, trapped, distant, on guard, defiant, all alone in a strange land, and confronted by echoes of subliminal fears and insecurities."

Vee Speers wide variety of work demonstrate many different issues using many different techniques and styles.  I really enjoy looking at how her technique and style have developed and grown over these projects.  Each series delves into a unique and interesting topic and I really like and enjoy Speers' work.

In terms of body image, all three of Speer's projects reflect this issue, but Speers' Immortals probably best represent what I am hoping to achieve.  The idea that it is a fantasy, this perfection we are all striving for, is really important within this issue.  Also, her use of younger subjects is interesting too, as, being a young person, I find this relevant to the topic of Body Image...

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