27 October 2010

Research Project: Raphael Mazzucco


Raphael Mazzucco is one of the world's most influential and talented fashion photographers; ... Raphael continues to define the look of popular culture, ... A native of Vancouver, Canada, Raphael has recently brought his considerable talent to bear in creating a new collection of images (as seen in his groundbreaking anthology - "Raphael Mazzucco Collected Art") that merge his love of the photograph with the sensuality of painting. American Photo has hailed him as "one of the top 50 photographers in the world to watch."

Raphael Mazzucco's work is very traditional but still modern in his techniques and concepts.  His work is very beautiful and alluring and I can see why he has been named one of the top 50 photographers in the world.  His work is simplistic and really interesting and inspiring to look at.

In terms of Body Image, Mazzucco does conform to stereotypes surrounding male and female beauty.  Although most of his images are of females, when Mazzucco does photograph males, he makes them appear rugged, dirty and gritty, like a man is supposedly meant to look like.  Meanwhile, on the other hand, he makes his female subject appear to be flawless, smooth and almost angelic.  These two differences can be seen throughout majority of his work, especially in his celebrity portraits (seen above and below).

All info and images from Artist's website

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