25 October 2010

Research Project: Digitally Altered Perfection

There has always been issues within society surrounding body image of both men and women.  However, more recently, the issue of body image has been reignited with the development of digital technologies such as Adobe Photoshop and other digital altering programs.  Now, thanks to the development of these programs, it is possible to digitally alter oneself to appear 'perfect'.

For my major project, I will explore and document this contemporary and controversial issue.

Currently, I am not 100% set on how I will present my images or how I they will be made, but now, that I have set my issue, I will be able to think further about this...

For my project, we have to look at to three artists in reference to our project.  For my project, I will be looking at:

David LaChapelle

Raphael Mazzucco
(from artist's website: http://www.miconworldwide.com/)

Vee Speers

Some interesting websites I found while researching for my project:

Some relevant reading...

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