26 October 2010

Research Project: David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle, recipient of the 1997 International Center of Photography's Infinity Award and the 1996 VH1 Fashion Award for Photographer of the Year, creates images that are cultural cues as well as advertising campaigns...  Born in North Carolina, LaChapelle studied at the Art Student's League and School of Visual Arts. He began his photography career by creating fine art images for Interview Magazine and has evolved his photography into an idiosyncratic and highly personal combination of reportage and surrealism.  In 1997, LaChapelle released LaChapelle Land, a coffee table volume of his images published by Callaway Editions/Simon & Shuster. It is further evidence of a photography style that can be compared to no one. He continues to push his colors to new extremes while reinventing the vivid palette that is uniquely his. Lachapelle is one of photography's brightest stars, bringing high intensity, larger than life images to the pages of magazines worldwide.

David LaChapelle's work is very outgoing, unique and different.  He uses a lot of concept when constructing his images plus also a great amount of colour and 'over-the-top-ness'.  His work doesn't really hold any major documentary meaning within society but yet it is celebrated worldwide, proving that his often racy portraits must be doing something right...

In relation to "Body Image", LaChapelle anyways uses thin, popular and, how society might describe as, 'beautiful' models as his subjects, only using larger and different body shapes in lesser roles, such as the thinner model demonstrating a type of dominance over the other models (example below).  He also uses a lot of photo editing, as seen in the images of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.  Their flawless skin, their big bright eyes, everything looks over the top and 'plastic', like real life Barbies.  Although to some it looks fake, others see it as how the celebrity really is.  They see perfection and try to strive for it themselves, sometimes reaching dangerous levels...

All images from Artist's website

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