12 October 2010

Australia's Contemporary Issues

While I have been researching for my major project, I came across a very valid list about Australia's contemporary issues.  The list includes:
    • Selling Australia - how does the world see Australia?
    • National Identity - how do Australians see Australia? What does it mean to be Australian?
    • Indigenous Australia - do they hold any rights in society?
    • Environmental Issues - climate change, pollution, sustainable future...
    • Sydney or the Bush - we are an urbanized nation but still have a want for the 'bush'... 
    • Pop Culture in Australia - our struggle to develop and maintain a national identity throughout the world...
These are just a few contemporary issues that I could focus on for my assignment.  Here are a few more that I thought of...
    • Pollution (e.g. light, emissions)
    • The development of the urban environment
    • Body Image
    • The relationship between humans and technology
    • Homelessness
    • Teenager Issues (e.g. pregnancy, drugs, alcohol)

So.. this leaves me with something to think about... 

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