16 September 2010

Contemporary Photographer: Xavier Comas


Xavier Comas studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Barcelona University, graduating in 1995. ... Xavier developed his career as a designer, illustrator and photographer...  Comas embarked on an adventurous solo journey to the Asia-Pacific in 2002 which was the catalyst of his passion for travel and cultural immersion.  His interest lies in visual storytelling using an intimate, spontaneous photographic approach that ranges from photo-journalistic to candid.  He currently lives in Bangkok. 
(Edited extract from artist's website)

Recent Projects: 
Pasajero - "...means passenger in Spanish..., but also fleeting, ephemeral. ...a photographic exploration of this transit space where chance encounters, silence and emptiness are full of meaning."
Ashi - "While woman's body language is generally restrained, displaying delicate and gentle manners, their legs and feet are otherwise extremely eloquent. ... They are a beautiful expression of female playfulness."
Jiutamai - "...is an ancient form of classical Japanese dance with obscure origins.  Performed in a soft, feminine way, it has a unique characteristic style of expressing internal emotion through a series of delicate, symbolic motions." 
Off Limits - "...a series of photographs taken during an arduous and illegal journey through remote areas of the golden triangle of Myanmar."
Tokyo Up, Down - "...comprises a series of black & white photograhic triptychs of images taken, inside and outside of elevators in Tokyo."

I really like Comas' work!  Most of it is really simple yet still interesting, in terms of composotion, but the subject matter is modern and more complex yet still relevant to today's society.  His projects are ideas that are straightforward and, I guess you could say, obvious.  Most of his subject matter, such as his Ashi project, are things that people would see everyday but he has taken so much further and developed them into what you see now.  A Spanish native living in Japan, you could say that he is a tourist but his work goes further than a typical tourist's perspective, providing an objective outsider's view into Japan's modern culture.  I really enjoyed looking at Xavier Comas' work and I hope you do too!

All images from Comas' Tokyo Up, Down series
Artist's website: www.xavicomas.com 

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