15 September 2010

Research Workbook Guidelines

 Class Notes
Most simply this workbook is a record of class notes and handouts.  Completeness of notes and presentation is important.  Your own research, further study and exploration upon basic class notes is encouraged.

Class Activity and Assignment Record and evaluations
Keep examples of each class activitiy and assignment with a written explanition of what was done.  Technical detail are to be included.  
Evaluate the activity/assignment.  What did you learn?  How did it go for you?  Would you do things differently?  What did you think of the assignment?  

Creative Ideas Development
Use idea maps, thumbnail drawing and photo shooting plans to explore and develop ideas to artistically solve photographic assignments.
Collect photographs that interest you or relate to current set work and write a brief description, why you selected it and technical details. 

Research the concepts and techniques introduced in class, as well as the concpets and ideas for your practical tasks.  Research is the most important aspect of you workbook - make sure you do this in as much depth as you can.

Analysis of works
Look at practicing photographers whose portfolios inspire you.  Include examples of their work and respond to it.  Analyse selected work in terms of technique, content and context.

You will be assessed on the following:
  • Culture and context
  • Tech/process
  • Investigation
  • Depth/Breadth
  • Vocabulary
  • Sources
  • Presentation
  • Integration     

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