16 September 2010

Contemporary Photographers: Montalbetti + Campbell

Montalbetti + Campbell is the amazing collaboration of Australian photographers, Denis Montalbetti and Gay Campbell.  Winning numerous awards and having gained worldwide recognition, the duo have created a name for themselves using their distinctive, unique and often strange photographic techniques.  They use a large amount of digital alteration in the post-production process.  Montalbetti + Campbell also complete images in a range of genres including commercial, editorial and fine art.
(Extract from artists' website)

Montalbetti + Campbell's work is very modern, distinctive and unique.  Their style is very original and it would be hard for anyone to duplicate their work.  In terms of composition, their photographs are very basic, with a great deal of their work having a simple, central composition.  Yet, despite this simplicity, they use a variety of concept, creativity and colour.  Through their originality and concepts, I can see how they have achieved the amount of global recognition that they have.  However, personally, Montalbetti + Campbell's work is not my 'cup of tea', as such.  Yet, as a digital photographer, I still value and admire the work they have produced.  Plus, their post-production is just unbelievably amazing!

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