17 September 2010

For future reference...

While completing my research on contemporary photographers, I came across a few really good websites that are related to contemporary photography.  

Most of them are museums or magazine websites that showcase popular and up-and-coming photographers.  I also found a few awards and prizes given for contemporary photography.
Centre for Contemporary Photography - http://www.ccp.org.au/
Museum of Contemporary Photography - http://www.mocp.org/
Galerie Zur Stockeregg - http://www.stockeregg.com/artists

Portfolio Catalogue - http://www.portfoliocatalogue.com/

Lens Culture: Contemporary Photography Magazine - http://www.lensculture.com/
100Eyes Photo Magazine - http://www.100eyes.org/
Black and White Magazine - http://www.bandwmag.com/
C International Photo Magazine - http://www.ivorypress.com/cPhoto/cPhoto_2.html
1000 words Photography: Contemporary Photography Magazine Online - http://www.1000wordsmag.com/
Lunatic: Creative Contemporary Photojournalism Magazine - http://www.lunaticmag.com/
Ahorn Magazine - http://www.ahornmagazine.com/home.html

Moran Prizes - http://www.moranprizes.com.au/default.aspx?id=32
New York Photo Festival - http://www.nyphotofestival.com/?page_id=6824 

There you go! :)

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