16 September 2010

Contemporary Photographer: Vicki Topaz

Vicki Topaz is a contemporary photographer from San Francisco in America.  A lot of her photographic work focuses on geography, history, architecture and personal perception.  She likes to tell stories through her photography and has completed three photographic series; Pastorale, Interiors and Silent Nests.  She is also the co-founder and board member of the non-profit organisation, Photo Alliance.
(Information from artist's website)

I really enjoy Topaz's work! It is, like Camos', simplistic but still interesting.  There are strong aspects of composition, balance and contrast within her work.  Strongly demonstrated throughout her Silent Nests series, Topaz's 'holga-like' effect on her images work really well in relation to the subject matter of the photographs.  Her work is inspiration as it is easy to adopt her style and some of her techniques and apply them to your own work, I guess, that is one of the reasons why I like her work.  I, again, really enjoyed looking at Topaz's work and I hope you do too!

All images from Topaz's Silent Nests series

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