17 September 2010

Contemporary Photographer: Peter Granser

Peter Granser is a self-taught Austrian photographer who began his first project in 1996 at the age of 25.  Since then, Granser has had 5 personal exhibitions and published 3 books.  He is currently a member of the German Photographic Academy (DFA) and a member of the European artist group Poc Project.

Granser's work is very humourous, colourful and contemporary.  Many of his images remind me of old 1970s photographs, but yet, they are also really modern in their set-up and overall effect.  Seen through his Sun City series, Granser obviously likes to find humour in his subject matter.  His work is very contemporary as it is relevant to society today.  Overall, I find Granser's work interesting and inspiring in terms of thinking outside the box in relation to ideas such as subject matter.

All images from Granser's Sun City series
Artist's website: http://www.granser.de/ (Sept 2010: under construction)

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